Wednesday, October 10, 2012

What The Fug Is a Boondoggle???

Well this weekend I got to find out for myself,what a Boondoggle is? A Boondoggle is a chance for kayak anglers to get together in a location for a weekend and FISH,Socialize,Drink,and Eat. Think of it like a family reunion,except everyone shares the same passion for this great sport as you do.

 The boondoggle started for some of us on Thursday evening, at the Ocean View pier. Here I met some of the regions finest anglers, Kayak kevin, Mark Lozier, Jay brooks,and even Lee Williams. I am sure if the fish under that pier knew who was up above those thin wood planks they'd surely head for deeper water. I also met Rob Devore aka A Bad Backcast, Mark Watanabe,Mark Wheeler, and many others. What a great way to kick off the Boondoggle.

 The following morning we fished the around the 64th street launch at first landing State park. The fishing was less than stellar,but a few managed a couple fish. It was still nice to fish among like minded people. That evening I made a run for some Striper at the Hrbt with Rob Choi, I personally didn't get any but I think Rob had got one. I did manage to nab a ton of gray trout and a 19in. flounder That was later used in the Guyataku seminar.

 Saturday started the Boondoggle officially for most people reason being, we had people travel great lengths to attend the event, and many arrived Friday evening. On  this day also was the Mini Rod tourney. Grab your Spider Man and Sponge Bob reels Me, I opted  for the the Optimus Prime combo, I thought was a sure winner, but my 16in Red I caught on it would fall short to a Ribbon fish that measured 32in caught by Allie Brooks, Jay Brooks wife CONGRATS.

  Later that evening we all met for a dinner at Salty C's on Shore Drive. Here we had a great dinner and plenty of drinks, along with a huge raffle that supported the local Heroes on The Water Chapter. In which we raised over a thousand dollars for. After a awesome dinner and raffle, we all headed back to DDolsen's cabin for a Guyataku fish rubbing seminar held by non other than Rob Choi . This is a very cool concept that the Japanese did to document there catches when they didn't have cameras . Rob had learned this art from his mother a few years ago and was nice enough to share it with us all. Thanks Rob

 Sunday was a bit of a rain out for the most part, a front had moved in and the temps had dropped into the 50's the night before, but a few managed to get out and have there way with the fish. As the evening wore on I had got a call From Mark Watanabe about a impromptu  pot luck dinner, and sort of a ceremonial  closing to the Boondoggle. So all in all, was the fishing insanely good? No, but the new friends I've gained is  better than any good day of fishing. If you haven't been to a Booondoggle ,please join us for the next one in Florida, Kars park Feb 15-18 you won't be disappointed