Monday, January 13, 2014

River Run


This time of year a host of  many many many boaters  and a few kayakers too can be found fishing the murky depths of the Elizabeth river, for it's winter trout fishery. On this particular day, I decided to join them. I started my day on the river trolling various swim baits in all colors, only to find a few short striper.
After bailing a couple of striper, and not much luck with the trout,I figured I would change to a swimming hard bait. I had previously seen some bait jumping around , and that was the closest bait that I had that matched it. I continued to troll these areas of bait till my rod had nearly been flung out of it's holder. " FISH ON "after a short fight I landed this purdy trout
I continued the rest of the afternoon on the troll, catching a few others as well. It wasn't hot 
and heavy by any means, but like most days on the water, time well spent.