Sunday, August 5, 2012

Strength Is In Numbers

As stated in the title post ,this couldn't be more true for what I'm about to talk about. The illustrious "Sciaenops Ocellatus"AKA red fish. They are here in pretty good numbers and they are HUNGRY.
 This is much different from recent years,they were almost mythical, with only a few mentions of a few here and there.If you ask many of the local fisherman why this is?You get a couple different theories, like  harsh winters, and over harvest from commercial netters, but who knows the true answer. All I know is they seem to be on the incline, and I hope as  recreational anglers we can find what reasoning was behind the decline in the local population of Red fish. With that being said grab some jig heads , some paddle tails, and enjoy the bite. Here are a couple pics of others that wanted to play as well.

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