Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Doing My Part

  What do I mean by this? Well it was time to take part in a wonderful local and national organization, known as" HOW," Hero's on the Water. This non-profit organization helps our wounded military veterans that have suffered from many medical ailments, as well as psychological ones, such as PTSD. HOW  helps heal these veterans in a small way by getting them into the great sport of Kayak fishing. Getting them out of the confines of there homes, and out on the water, with others that may suffer from similar problems. Soon after hearing about this organization, I thought, man this would be a great thing to be a part of, especially being from a family who has had several  family members in the service. After several failed attempts  over the looming months due to a hectic work schedule, I had not been able to make it to a HOW event. One afternoon I had arranged to pick up a HOW shirt  as a gift for my father in law from Tom Vanderheiden the local Director of the Tidewater HOW chapter, as we began to talk, I told Tom that I really wanted to be more involved in the chapter but due to my schedule and all, It just never seemed to work out, Tom suggested, "Well, what do think about doing a video for the chapter? Better yet, a video about Kendall Wallingford and his story and involvement in HOW . Kendall is a disabled vet who now gives back to his brothers in service thru the same organization that once helped him. I told Tom I would be honored to do a film on Kendall and HOW. The not yet titled film will be a artistic, heartfelt view into Kendall's  story, and  HOW, in hopes we can get other vets out to this great organization.  Please stay tuned to our Facebook Page, Yaktastic Adventures for more updates, and a official movie trailer as I get rolling in the coming weeks. Thanks