Tuesday, November 6, 2012


 As the days have shortened, and the temps have dropped the elusive "Speckled Trout" is on the prowl, and they are hungry. I decided to hit the inlet the past few days to try and find a few of these critters, and it didn't take long however this time was different . I made cast after cast at fish that I knew were in the area and was only rewarded with a few short strikes,as I grew frustrated at them, I had told myself I'll try another spot as I made my way to that spot I deployed two lines out and trolled. After a few short minutes BAM  I quickly grab the rod as the other one slams down as well. After I haul them in,I thought to myself, I might be on to something. I fished the rest of the evening trolling and ended up with 12 or so trout to 22 inches and dozen or better  puppy drum  up to 18 inches, this just goes to show you  it pays to try different things to trigger the bite. I guess in this case there was just something about the speed and presentation of the lures as I drug them behind the yak that got them going. I also learned another lesson while I was loading up to leave..... DON'T FORGET YOUR FISH  apparently  I somehow left my stringer at the dock with my more than still lively fish on there LOL!! I returned to the dock with  my headlights on facing the water to see if they were still there,and what did I see? my fish swimming away from me. I darted into the cold water and snagged them just in time. I could only imagine someone hooking into one of them and pull up a stringer of fish.