Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Blue Eyes

 As the Mother Natures switches gears the infamous BLUEFISH have arrived in the local inlets here in VB, and for us in-shore anglers it's a sign of the change of seasons, from winter to spring. This time of year can be pretty fun for all anglers, intermediate to the advanced anglers, these blues hit just about anything you throw, and put up a pretty good fight, if you are fortunate enough to nab  a bigger blue, also known as CHOPPER blue, then you have a real fight on your hands, for sure. over my past few trips out I was lucky enough to nab a few of these choppers, with one of them being my personal best 35" just a inch shy of a citation here in VA waters. The last few trips have been productive with blues, trout,flounder and a few slot reds mixed in as well. I hope to  make it over  to the eastern shore Va. in the coming weeks to try my luck for the GIANT REDS that are swimming the shoals, since they evaded me the first go round..