Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Trick To Receive The Treat

 On Halloween night I decided to hit the dock lights at night in hopes of finding a few stripers. I knew that with cooling temps, the fall feed, and some quality intel, that my chances would pretty good. I approached my first couple docks with no success, but I pushed on, hopping from dock to dock till I found some activity. Generally, I look for the ones that  have surface activity i.e.. fish popping, fleeing bait etc. I also have found that for me the docks near the deeper water, and faster current seem to hold  more striper. I like to keep my yak into the current, cast up current, and just let my lure drift back with the current like a normal baitfish presentation, just outside of the shadow of the light line. This particular evening I was using a Bass Assassin paddle tail on a 3/16 once weighted hook, but as most of you know when there feeding you can just about throw anything. As October comes to a close the striper bite will only get better thru November and December so go get LIMITED-OUT