Saturday, August 2, 2014

A First for me

 The last few outings I had been doing well on the flounder, and since my confidence was high on this particular area, and decided to take the Ole buggy whip. I have only had a fly rod for a about a year, and have neglected to use it . I have taken it along with me on occasion but I usually end up ditching for my conventional. On this particular trip I told myself I was gonna stick with it. I threw the fly for a extended period of time, with no success, and while doing so noticed that my fly just wasn't getting to the bottom, and as we know that's where the flounder are.  I continued to wait for the slack tide (slower moving water) and wouldn't you know" BAM "fish on!!! Those of you who fly fish know that it's a different fight on the fly and has definitely fueled my fire for saltwater fly fishing.