Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Flounderin Around

Today 5/7/12 I hit one of my favorite little holes called Rudee Inlet. I frequent this place for a number of reasons  #1 It's close to home.#2 Launching is free and convenient. #3 You can start fishing within 100 yrds of ramp. #4 You can target a number of different specie's as well. That being said these little perks are one's that make it a desired location for me. 

  On this particular day I was targeting (Flounder).They can be found around structure , creek inlets, and ambush points.While flounder are predator fish, they lay and wait in these places for bait to swim by, relying on there natural camo to stay stealthy. 

Today I was using white pogy gulp minnow's, on 1/4 ounce non painted jig head's. I like to make long cast, and bottom bounce the jig. I prefer to use a med/hvy action rod with a fast tip, paired with 30 # braid and, a 15-20# flouro leader. I ended up with 8 flounder, 3 of which were 18 inch range, and the others were in the 14-16 inch range. I also managed a few blues, and a couple small speckled trout, definitely not a bad way to spend a afternoon after work.

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