Sunday, May 27, 2012

Kept a few

 After a few days of some wicked unpredictable storms lingering around, I decided to give it a shot this afternoon. The last few times I have targeted Flounder I have caught a few decent keepers and returned them to swim another day, but after mutterings of that reaching back to my father in law who loves fresh flounder, I decided to bring him a few. As i started my paddle I took a look around and thought to myself these days are truly numbered, the summer season is almost upon us . While there will be plenty of bikini's to enjoy  with that comes lots of boat traffic, which can be nerve racking for us fishing in our plastic vessels.

  I started my day off with a nice 25-30in. blue, that snapped my line as I tried to swing him over the yak(Bummer)but I got to experience a beautiful fight between us. I then bottom bounced jig heads and gulp in and around various structure, in the inlet.The bite today started out a little slow, but persistence pays off . I ended the day with 12 Flounder total 5 of which were keepers and a few croakers too

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