Monday, June 18, 2012

NC Bassin

 This past weekend I made a trip back home to visit family and friends in NC. This is where my love for the outdoors started at a very young age, my Grandfather had me and my cousins in the fields hunting, and on the water fishing. It's funny how we all get so wrapped up in expensive rods and reels and the best lines available,when all my Grandfather use to use was a old cane pole, and a tube of live crickets. I guess the old saying "Less is more" couldn't be more true in this instance.

 I met up with my cousin Saturday morning, who is also fairly new to the kayak fishing scene. he just purchased a Jackson Coosa ,and was looking to put it to work, so off we went.on this day we hit a local reservoir that we had never fished and that definitely showed , cause we were only able to manage a few blow ups in the lillie's,but all in all it was a nice day for a paddle and some conversation among ourselves.

 On Sunday we decided to hit a local pond that we had heard some fish stories about.This pond looked like a fishy place, until further inspection. The pond had cypress tree's ,lily pad's, and a lot of GRASS. The grass made it difficult to fish, so I decided to stand in the yak to get a better view of the pockets within the grass, to make a cast. I have recently been paddling around in the standing position , but have yet to really fish while doing so. I thought what the hell, I'll give it a shot,I jumped up and made a cast to a open pocket in the grass, and BAM! he nailed It,pulling drag running left, then right, a few short seconds later got him next to the boat and lipped him on in. As I let him go, I thought to myself damn instincts must have taken over, because I never even thought once that I was in the standing position.I tell you what, that was one hell of a experience, and I loved every second of It. The rest of the afternoon was slow , but the time spent enjoying the outdoors with family , much like we did back with my Grandfather, this will go down as a one of my better days of fishing.

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