Wednesday, June 6, 2012

OBX Trip & First Attempt

This past week me and me wife Christinia headed to our home away from home,the OBX. We had a 4 day stay there ,and I thought this would be the perfect time to let her try this yaking thing, I've been so addicted too here lately.I rented her wilderness tarpon to try, and she absolutely loved it ,although I think we'll look for something more fishing oriented than touring yak for her.It didn't take her long to say I can see why you love this so much,It's so peaceful and serene out here.When I heard that I instantly knew I was screwed from here on out... just kidding :-) I encourage everyone to take there better halves out on the yak.

 While in the OBX I did manage to do a little "Hook Wetting" I fished in and around Pea Island ,working the edges and drop offs for whatever would bite. I managed a couple flounder and that was about it.  I also had decided to  bring my dslr camera and snap a few pics of the surroundings in OBX.

 As for the First Attempt that would be a small video I put together from a couple outings in rudee over the last month or so. I purchased some editing software and tried my best to come up with something, definitely not a easy task. I envy the Kayak Kevin's and Rob Choi's of the world for putting together great work on film that motivates me to learn the craft. So put on your ears, bob your head, and enjoy

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