Saturday, February 23, 2013

Headed South

    For the Presidents Day BOONDOGGLE that is, in Merritt island Fla. for a long weekend of socializing, feeeshing, and just a plain ole good time.I arrived friday morning to a already busy  campground  full of boondogglers eager to get the festivities underway.As many asked what's on the agenda for the Boondoggle, well that's the beauty of it, there is no itinerary,no schedule, with the exception of a dinner on saturday night ,which also host raffles and giveaways, just a chance to fish and hang out with like minded people,and have a good time. That's what a Boondoggle is.

  Me being from Virginia this was a chance to fish a fabulous fishery in conditions that i'm not use too, going from fishing murky deeper waters with heavier fishing tackle, to fishing gin clear  shallow water with lighter tackle. there was a bit of a learning  curve for sure,but I was able to figure out a few fish with the help of some of the locals pointing me in the right direction. I encourage everyone to make plans for future Boondoggles,they are held on Columbus day weekend,and Presidents Day weekend, so pack up the wife, and kids, lets  BOONDOGGLE

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