Monday, March 25, 2013

Cold....Warm..... Hot.......

 The weather was cold, the water was warm, and the Bite was HOT!!!! I decided to launch at Chesapeake Yachts on Thursday afternoon, and give it a shot. The weather was calling for evening temps in the 30's, and winds from NW 10-15 with a chance of flurries.I know some will say,what the hell you doin fishing in those conditions?? Well I have found that the colder the better when it comes to fishin the ER,especially the Hot Ditch, not just because the discharge is usually running,but there was absolutely NO ONE out on the water, and if you fish this area in the winter, that's a rare site. I managed to catch most of my trout on 1/4 lead and paddle tail saltwater assassins, slowww rolling over drop-offs  and ledges near these warmer water temps of the ditch. I managed 20 or so trout to 23inches and some really cold feet by the end of the nite, man I can't wait to get out of these waders, and into some shorts!!!! SPRING IS ALMOST HERE

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