Sunday, April 21, 2013

Bed Bass and be GONE

On  this particular trip I was targeting Bass for the Pirates of Lynnhaven monthly club tourney, this tourney is CPR tourney, three biggest bass by length,wins it all!!! My plan of attack for this tourney was to target spawning bass on there beds, ie. the big females. I made my way in and around the shallows only to find a few unoccupied beds and a few angry dink bass. As the day worn on and the sun got high, I switched up my approach to the matted vegetation throwing a 1/4 to 1/2 ounce texas syle rigged Sinkos and worms, and that seemed to be the ticket for me, although the fish were not of much size, I was at least  catching enough to put me on the board. I did in fact hook up with a couple quality fish doing this, only to lose them in the struggles of fishing in this thick matted vegetation, but I still managed to squeak out a 2nd place finish in the tourney with the few dinks I did manage to get to the boat, so all in all it wasn't so bad after all....

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